Nature & recreation — Djurönäset

Nature & recreation

You may wish to enhance your visit with a real experience. We can take you on all kinds of adventures from sailing and fishing to seal safaris and historical tours. In summer you can borrow bicycles, rowing boats and canoes.

At Djurönäset it is easy to find the right balance between body and soul. It is almost impossible to avoid becoming healthier out here in the archipelago. The closeness to true nature and the availability of so many possibilies makes it all very easy.

The coastal line with the three cardinal points are like made for kayaking, rowing, sailing an all other wateractivities available such as swimming from a rock or sandy beach. Indoors there might be a relxaing Spa treatment waiting, hard training at the gym, or a nice swim in our 25 metre pool.

The constant closeness to the sea and nature creates the best conditions to care of yourself. It is easy to find your own rock or tree stump to sink down and philosophise on.

In the woods you will find our forest path where you can be inspired by a walk or a run to test your force. A lit up path is available for 1,5 km through interchangeable hilly archipelago nature.