• Sauna landscape with swimming pool

    A brand new opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment

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Welcome to Djurönäset Relax

Give yourself a great relax in an environment that is completely unique. At Djurönäset you can enjoy your free time, for a few hours or for several days, along with family, colleagues and friends.
Today we know that we work better when we are active and breathe fresh air. A few minutes outdoors decreases heart rate and blood pressure and the amount of stress hormones in the blood. When Djurönäset was built in 1978 they were already aware of this and chose the architectural competition contribution “Fresh air”, so the buildings are precisely designed to stimulate creativity, working spirit and well-being. The large peninsula that Djurönäset are located on, has in addition a coastline in east, south and west, made for nice walks in the genuine archipelago.

A brand new opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment has opened here at Djurönäset. Our new Sauna landscape is completed

In October we opened the doors to a new experience at Djurönäset, the Sauna landscape. Here you can disappear into a relaxing world with a variety of saunas, showers and relaxation areas, with views of the ever changing nature of the archipelago. An oasis of water and heat.

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A real sauna involves many rounds of heating up and cooling down

This is followed by a shower that leaves your skin feeling fresher than ever before. Feel cleansed and relaxed, ease tired muscles and joints, and experience a sense of total wellbeing.

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You may wish to enhance your visit with a real experience

At Djurönäset it is easy to find the right balance between body and soul. It is almost impossible to avoid becoming healthier out here in the archipelago. The closeness to true nature and the availability of so many possibilies makes it all very easy.

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A moment to yourself will creates balance and harmony and is beneficial to body and mind

Divulge in a luxurious peeling with massage, spoil your skin with a face treatments or relax with a lovely spa bath.

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