Conference — Djurönäset


There are many reasons to hold a large conference and a small meeting. A simple change of surroundings can often stimulate creativity and lead to more efficient work.

But a conference at Djurönäset means much more than this. The location is the difference.

You get to experience the remarkable archipelago, and are served delicious meals based on local, organic products. Your meetings are held in light and airy premises, adapted to suit your group perfectly, with the technology you need. Coffee breaks are served in a building for your exclusive use, and include energy-rich snacks. What’s even more effective, however, is a simple activity in the fresh air right outside. Our conference planners will help you with everything that you need to ensure a successful meeting.

It takes 35 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus to reach the beauty of the archipelago from central Stockholm. Here the air is always pure, the silence restful and the view limitless. The surroundings here beckon you to step outside and just live. After a creative day with never-ending inspiration, snuggle down into your Carpe Diem bed in the hotel room, and wake next morning in the archipelago landscape. A few minutes’ walk in the fresh air will awaken your appetite, and breakfast will taste better than ever.

Site Inspections

When it comes to planning events and conferences, perhaps a site inspection is needed. Please contact us if you want to visit us