Spa — Djurönäset

Djurönäset Spa

Relaxing Spa

Give yourself a moment to relax in an environment that is completely unique. At Djurönäset you can enjoy your free time for a few hours or for several days along with family, friends, and colleagues.

Today we know that we work better when we are active and breathe fresh air. A few minutes spent outdoors decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and stress. They were already fully aware of this when Djurönäset was built in 1978.

The design of Djurönäset is based on the architectural competition contribution “Fresh air”, therefore the buildings are precisely designed to stimulate creativity, working spirit, and well-being. The large peninsula that Djurönäset is located on also has a coastline to the east, south, and west. Perfectly placed for nice walks in the genuine archipelago.

Open Hours

Monday-SundayDay Spa
8 am – 4 pm, last entrance at 2 pm.

Family Hours in the Spa
During vacations and holidays there might be designated family hours in the spa. Please check with your reservation.

If you have booked accommodation packages with entrance to the spa included, other opening hours will apply.

Hot spring under a clear sky
Sauna landscape & Pool