Hot spring under a clear sky

Our new venture to complement our SPA to meet all senses is our outdoor hot spring with lovely views of Stockholm archipelago.

We have built a hot spring that will provide warmth to our guests all year round for maximum treat of our different seasons, beautiful views, fresh air and lots of peace and quiet.
The hot spring i due to open in July.

The spring is located below the hotel on a cliff with panoramic views over the water. The Hot Spring is ideal for relaxing after a day walking in the sourrounding nature trails or after a long conference day to fill up the energy.
Sink into the warm water that (contains 37 degrees) and enyoj the wievs over archipelago and the boats chugging by.

Have a look at our Sauna landscape and large indoor pool where you can both relax and swim workout lengths.

Please note that the Picture shown is fictional. The authentic hot spring will be shown shortly.