About the hotel — Djurönäset

About the hotel

At Djurönäset you stay in beautiful surroundings and comfortably. There are 274 rooms available with a total capacity of 550 people staying. The rooms are divided into eight separate buildings with 35 hotel rooms in each building.

The rooms interiors are light with Scandinavian colours picked up from the archipelago nature outside the windows. The light wood, as for example birch, alongside detailed furnishings such as shelves and bedside tables made of grey granite gives you a luxurious feel.

All rooms have flatscreen TV’s, free acces to the Internet and the possiblility to wireless broadband. Make yourself at home and sleep comfortably in our beds from Carpe Diem. Take the opportunity to enjoy the abscense of the city sounds – here in the archipelago, it is respectfully quiet.

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