Experience Sweden’s coolest adventure blow the surface in a minisubmarine. Together with your captain you will explore the magical world beneath the sea.

The tour starts with a security briefing at the docks so you will get all of your questions answered before departure. After embarkation we will use silent electric propulsion and head for the place of descent. Via a wireless display or an app on your smartphone you will be able to follow heading, depth and other core information of the vessel.

The tour is adjusted to weather conditions and the participants interests, when the conditions are right we might try a “crash dive” or an “emergency surface” where we shoot up the surface at full speed.

After the tour we blow the tanks and surface and the participants receive a certificate of participation and some refreshments.

The following is included in the basic package

  • Pre dive security briefing
  • Dive time: 20 minuter
  • Security gear
  • Refreshments after dive
  • Certificate
  • T-shirts and other merchandise can be bought at site