A large conference normally extends over at least a day, often more, and can offer a fancy dinner or banquet as part of the program. A conference requires considerably more space than a corporate meeting and contains as a rule, at least 144 participants.

It is considerably more complex to organise a large conference than a corporate meeting. This is partly due to the fact that the participants themselves decide whether to take part or not, and a cost is incurred for each guest. The planning and booking of people attending sometimes start two or three years before the event and can sometimes take even longer to organise.

Large conferences are often arranged as corporate meetings, events or organisational meetings that deals within a specific subject or topic. A conference can also be a political meeting held by for example the EU presidency country or the Nordic Council of Ministers or by the Swedish government or authority.

Managing a conference from start to finish requires great knowledge and experience of handling participants, budgeting and project management. To run a successful conference we recommend that locally sourced help is used, so that you are aware of any local conditions. Turn with confidence to our project manager and you will get all the support you need.