• Submarine hunt

Join in the wildest adventure that the archipelago has to offer based on a topic that has affected everyone – submarine hunting. Participants fight it out for two hours to determine who commands Djurölandet. With the aid of a submarine, kayaks, Segways and other vehicles and equipment, participants solve riddles while trying at the same time to make the task of the other team more difficult.

The adventure starts with the teams on opposite sides of Djurönäset, and it’s then a case of completing as many missions as possible. One of the teams plays the role of intruder, using a submarine. The other team acts as hunter, using a sonar-equipped boat. Both teams are awarded points for skill, collaboration, tactics and both nautical and land-based knowledge. The activity is suitable both for groups that want to take it easy, and for those who want action! Let us know what you want, and we can tailor the activity to your wishes.

Season: April – November

Duration: 2.5 hours (or according to your requirements)

Number of participants: minimum 8, maximum 40

The following components are included in the submarine hunt:

  • Action-packed adventure
  • The submarine experience
  • Guides and boat crews
  • Ponchos if it rains
  • Loan of all equipment
  • Diplomas and refreshments

Extras available as an option (ask for a quotation):

  • Additional helicopter mission
  • Stridsbåt 90 (a military vessel from the Swedish Navy)
  • Suitable mission questions
  • Gift vouchers for the winning team
  • Submarine trip for the winning team
  • Please let us know if you have other wishes.

Price: SEK 25,000 plus VAT for up to 30 people. Additional participants at a cost of SEK 500 each.